All participating athletes MUST have paid the processing fee AND completed the waiver prior to the competition.  There will be limited resources available to do this onsite, so please plan to complete prior to arriving.  See THE COMPETITION page for more details.

Schedule of Events — All teams will have the same schedule today

10a Check-In/Gym Opens @ CROSSFIT LOFT
10:30a WOD Briefing
10:45a-11:05a WOD #1
11:15a-11:45p WOD #2
12:00p Awards Ceremony

Each team will have 20 minutes to find the 1RM Bench Press of all four athletes.  Score will be a combined total of the highest completed lift for each athlete.
Rules of the Game:
  • Clips will NOT be used for this lift
  • Each athlete may take as many attempts as they would like
  • Weight may fluctuate up and down
  • The athlete must declare their weight to the judge prior to lifting
  • Plates may be used under the feet for shorter athletes if desired
Lift Standards:
  • Butt must stay on the bench during the lift
  • Feet are not permitted to be on the bench during the lift
  • The bar starts and ends with the elbows extended above the chest
  • The bar must make contact with the chest
  • The spotter may assist with lift-off and re-racking of the bar as long as elbows reach full extension prior to starting the lift and prior to completing the lift
Spotting Rules:
  • Teammates will serve as spotters for each other
  • Each athlete MUST have a spotter for each lift and the spotter must be in place prior to the lift beginning
  • If the spotter touches the bar mid-lift, the lift is over and considered a no-rep
Each athlete performs the following:
     2:00 AMRAP Atlas Stone to Shoulders (116#/73#)
     2:00 AMRAP Rope Climbs to 14’ target
     2:00 AMRAP Wallballs (25#/16#) (10’/9’)
Score will be total reps for entire team
Rules of the Game:
One athlete per team will begin the workout.  Once athlete #1 has made it through all 3 stations, the next athlete will begin. All movements may be scaled, however the penalty for scaling will be significant — 20 scaled reps = 1 rx rep
Movement Standards:
Atlas Stone to Shoulders
  • Stone must start and end on the ground
  • Stone must make contact with the top of the shoulder prior to dropping it
  • Stones may not be controlled to the ground — they must be dropped
  • The stone may not be dropped over the shoulder behind the athlete
  • One-step or two-step technique may be used
  • The rep will be counted once the stone makes contact with the ground safely
**Scaling Option = Lighter Stone**

Rope Climbs
  • Athlete will climb the rope to the 14’ mark and touch with the hand
  • Athlete must control their descent and hands must be in contact with the rope upon feet touching the ground
  • The rep will be counted once the athlete returns safely to the ground
**Scaling Option = Rope Raises**

  • Men will use the 25# ball to a 10’ target
  • Women will use the 16# ball to a 9’ target
  • Athlete must pass hips below the top of the knee on squat
  • Ball must touch with 1/2 of the ball at or above the designated line
  • If the ball contacts the ground, it must be settled prior to beginning the next rep
**Scaling Option = Lighter Wallball**


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